28 July 2015


Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life + doings + everything I can think of on internet because that's how I live.

-I missed last week's useless updates post oops. This week I came up with a name that looks scientific. It's ux2 that means 2 U(s) that makes Useless Updates and tell me this sounds smart.

I found this vvvvv good compilation of Urdu afsany. Afsany are short Urdu stories. I love it because all the characters talk in the same way as old people from my family talk. Finest Urdu, the beauty of language remains alive. The words, phrases, tone, everything sounds familiar and it gives me a boost of confidence in writing for an Urdu digest (Khawateen digest here I come) I've been working on everything that connects me back to my language because no matter how many languages I learn and work on, there's this comfort in Urdu that takes me back to my roots and somehow to my VVV REAL SELF.

If you live in Karachi and want cheap but great books, just go find book stalls of Bait-Ul-Mukarram and thank me later. They've got all these awesome books for less than you can imagine and it's a very good thing preaching about good book buying places.

VIP (Very important pose) with books.

And I hope all the Teen Wolf fangirls are uncomfortable because of the recent episode (GODDAMN JEFF DEVIS) I'm having so many feelings about Teen Wolf. 
Here's an ode to Scott & Alison fetus love.

Actually the trouble is not having Derek around. One of my MOST FAVORITE Hale and fictional character on fictional planet in my mind. I'll never forgive Teen Wolf team for letting him go and before letting him go, RUINING his character and making all of us feel bad for him. He's DEREK, a Hale, he doesn't let people feel bad about himself but he fights, fights, fights and save silly young werewolves. That's what he always do. If you haven't got Derek Hale in your room/class/school/somewhere in parking lot telling you that you're a vvvv silly werewolf now, you're NOT official silly werewolf yet. 
So this upsets me every time all the guys fight and the exciting typical teen wolf music plays in background, my stomach hurts because WHO IS GOING TO SAVE SCOTT WHO IS GOING TO TELL HIM WHAT NOT TO DO WHERE IS OUR DEREK? 

Really, too many feels.

Talking of feels, TROYE SIVAN IS RELEASING NEW MUSIC HOLY SHIT I AM GOING WILD and well, the album is called Wild. 
Just look at this face.

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Useless Updates

25 July 2015

The witch of Karachi sheltered in the wilds of Thatta

Karachi and Thatta, two very different cities I have to deal with in very different ways. Karachi is everything I want to love and Thatta is everything I don't like to touch. These cities, despite of every difference between them, are a part of me - Karachi by my pure will and Thatta has always been an accident. But the days like today & yesterday, I've wanted to see the old plains and plants of Thatta, they are same as always, so green and familiar like they were years ago. 

Very good weather and colorful make up and witchy face - all brought together in one single post because it felt like I should be preaching about nature and stars and dark nights and power more. The thing about this little green place is that it never asks me to be myself, I can be anyone/anything and bury myself in the grass and write stuff in my journal. That's why I don't like the behavior of Thatta, it's like an old man stuck in new crazy century. It accepts me as I am and doesn't excites me which is not a good thing, not anymore. It doesn't want me to go on a race and win it. Small town with vvvvv small minds. We don't get along well very often. 

The girl in the mirror isn't me, it can never be me. The night under her eyes and the stars around them are everything she has. She's the witch that lost and ran away. She's just a reflection trapped inside the mirror with nature that keeps holding of whatever is left of her. She's an image of what I would become if I didn't fight back the patriarchy. I don't want to be sheltered, I want to win.

 I used this tiny and shiny (they rhyme so give me my bonus points) eyeshadows palette was the base of this look. It's from Born Pretty Store and can be found here. It's glittery and is in solid shades. It's quite small so it fits people like me who can't handle 48 eyeshadow colors at once. My favorite is white one. And plus points that it's waterproof so I can cry and the glitter will remain shining on my eyes. Use my code ARE10K31 for 10% off on your order on their website. Ta da!

Stay fabulous!!

22 July 2015

A very useful kind of heartbreak

This word heartbreak sounds unbelievably romantic.
Well it is not.

Technically it's ugly. I've never been into any kind of situation where I can use this world in any possible way before today. My heartbreak wasn't romantic, it was humiliating and irritating. And it was kind of what I really needed.

My heart got broken by a few human beings gathered together to tell me all the things I do wrong, everything I can't do, everything I should stop doing etc. Humiliation is vvvv bad. Pushing someone down and if they don't go down then crushing them down is lso vvvv bad. Doing bad things to people also cause heartbreaks. 

Well after a broken heart, a head full of plans, bad ideas about life and a lot of poetry in my journal, I'm doing very well. I felt crushed and sad for a moment but when you realize you have nothing to lose, you can't be worried anymore. This is what makes world crazy genius people (I hope I'm one of them one day) 

I write good things after bad accidents. 

We don't want to belong to the plains anymore. Scratching our backs till they bleed and make room for wings and seek shelter in the skies. Like eagles, we fly away high. Even our shadows don't reach the land because we're rare for dust now.
I just think it should be next Lorde lyric.

When you get your heart broken and a very sad head, do something good to yourself. Be a star or something. That is what I'm going to do. It's too dark and being a star is my last option. I'll make sure to be happy and creative and I'll love my blog even more. 

Typing this post was another kind of hard business. You can't go on telling people how hard life is and how sad you are but OH WAIT YOU DO IT IS 2015 AND WE'RE LIVING IN A WEIRD CENTARY AND YOU WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING ON BLOG.

I hope you're doing great my people.

19 July 2015

Eid 2015

Successfully survived Eid 2015 with lots of food and less eidi and a lot of disappointments. Eid is supposed to be fun, maybe the "fun" thing is just for kids and people like me, who haven't decided if they're still kids or officially not-kids & they've grown up already,  are usually stuck in a dilemma about it. Well, my eid was just fine. I couldn't capture my first day look because I'm unbelievably  NOT into taking selfies sometimes. So here's my second day of eid's face.

Let me tell you my theory about eid. If your first eid day isn't fun, the second is going to get worse. I'm sorry but it's horribly true. But have hopes for third day. That being said, I've a terrible day today that includes unwanted dressing up and being sick and nobody letting me touch biryani.

Well, I like eid more than any other occasion. Even if I can't really enjoy it sometimes and have to hug so many human beings in one single day that irritates me a lot but still I like eid more than anything. After all it's our gift after Ramazan.

I have got this vvvvv orange lipstick that matched my shirt. Actually I've realized I like orange lip color on my pale brown face more than any other color. We might be best buddies in future. Born pretty store guys were kind enough to send me this so that I can talk abut it on blog. It's vvvv orange and shiny and it smells good.

Technically it's a lip crayon. And I even tried to color my henna with it. 
Use my code ARE10K31 for 10% off on your order. Happy shopping!

How was your eid?

18 July 2015

Too much Lorde inside my head

Eid Mubarak everyone! I'm finally sitting down to blog. I have no eid stuff to post today because I've taken absolutely no selfie to celebrate eid on instagram or tweet a sheerkhurma picture. I might crawl back into bed and sleep for another 4 hours and wake up on 4 am and then tell myself that IT IS NOT SEHRI TIME ANYMORE. Well, it's gonna bother me for a little while. 

While I prepare an eid outfit for second day, here's a Lorde-fan-forever quick post here.
This is my bed and these are Lorde's lyrics. I think I have too much Lorde inside my head. And I've officially declared Yellow Flicker Beat the theme song of my life for the rest of life. Some of her songs lyrics are so fab and badass that I can't even. I mean, that girl is magic.

It's a new art form showing people how little we care.
From Tennis Court. It's more like a way of life trapped in a lyric if you focus.

Now we're in the ring And we're coming for blood
THIS LYRIC. From Glory and Gore. I mean, it's a good way saying BEWARE BITCH.

My blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones 
It keeps my veins hot, the fire's found a home in me.
From Yellow Flicker Beat. It can easily be a superhero's anthem if we're talking about heros from Bad Blood and Cara is leading. Imagine about it people.

God bless Lorde.