Thursday, 5 March 2015

May your eyeliner give you wings

Since I've tweeted that I'm moving on from no-make-up-on-my-face to HOW-TO-DO-WINGED-EYELINER lifestyle, I've to blog about it to make it official.

Make up never had any place in my life before. In these 17 years of my life, I've never owned make up that I bought especially for myself. I would steal it from my amma or aunt. But I think winged eyeliner made me greedy to finally have a take on beauty stuff. Bright face, red lipstick, perfect winged eyeliner and people will know messing up with this girl isn't a right option. And I love how this sentence sounds.
It has started. The life of Areeba has make up in it. As a starter, I'm going to stick with red lipstick and winged eyeliner and we'll see what comes next. I'm surprisingly good at winged eyeliner, not REALLY GOOD but still good. Winged eyeliner is the most underrated form of art and we need to embrace power of our eyeliners. I now wish that I had big eyes. And you can use "May your eyeliner give you wings" for daily inspiration. You're welcome.
And now, let's talk about red lipstick. I've always dreamed that one day I'm going to put on red lipstick, wear a glorious hairstyle that's better than Pinterest ones and go to an award show to win a trophy for my blog. As it's not happening right now, the best I can do is to just apply red lipstick and pretend it's real and I'm a star. And fyi, you can't underestimate the power of strong shade of red lipstick, nah no nope. I'm going to buy a lipstick for me soon and I'd love some suggestions because I'm a noob and if you don't help me then I'll drown.

That's all for now. Love y'all!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Motivational Talk Thing

I took Psychology as optional subjects in college and it's been great so far if we don't talk about the horrible homework and assignment work that kept me awake at nights. But that's another story I'd want to blog about some other day and for right now, I've a glorious tale to put online because putting my life on Internet is a part of my living. 

My psychology's teacher is a psychologist and she does all psychological sessions and positive talk that help people understanding their problems and stuff. Me and my friend talked about doing one in our college too because first, it's a girls college and all young girls need advice and tips even they think they don't. Second, WOULDN'T IT BE FUN DOING THE POSITIVE AND MOTIVATIONAL TALK? And knowing there would be real humans listening to me and every frigging word that I'd say kinda excited me. My teacher was kind enough to agree with us and arrange a little session for us. And that's how we did our own speaking session about Personality Development.

Our topic might have sounded so serious as it contains 2 LENGTHY WORDS but everything was so simple and pretty interesting. I talked about stuff I thought I needed to hear when I was going through drama in high school. So I chose to talk on getting to know yourself, finding what you love, inspiration, getting out of comfort zone, meeting new people and being your own hero and stuff. There's this simple thing basically I wanted let everyone know that if you can be your own hero and save yourself, then why not. 
And my MOST FAVORITE part in all this was about discussing how to kick comfort zone's ass and getting out of it. I once read a quote "Do one thing everyday that scares you" It's perfect for fighting yourself and coming out of your comfort zone and do things that you're afraid of, so I had added this quote in my points. I tried my best to just be 17 and talk to the listeners as they're my friends and we're just doing normal talk because most of the girls were from my classes and I knew them. I just had one thing in my mind that if my words and experience can change someone's life, then why the heck not talk and make somebody's life easy. 

This is the quote my friend wrote and I told everyone about my favorite poem that changed my life. It's from Erin Hanson, 

There's freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

We talked much more than I planned to. Everyone was talking about their own experiences and it was another kind of experience listening to other's life events and what they go through and what's their problems and stories. Every girl had a different story and something to share. I'm so darn sure that all this little motivational session gave something to each and every person who was there, even to me. I can count that day as one of those days that changed a little part of me and give me something to keep. And in short, IT WAS FUN THATS WHY I AM TYPING IN CAPS. Love y'al!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Oh the pretty jewelery

It's not everyday that you get a chance to get a picture like this, cute balloon stolen from a kid, perfect poncho and this chic necklace. All in one and I HAD to instagram this picture. The balloon, dudes I'm just a Disney kid. And the necklace is from Born Pretty Store. They contacted me if I could do some review for them and the deal was done so this necklace and 2 other babies were mailed to me. Oh the pretty jewelery. 

Here they are, 3 new babies to my jewelery collection. 

I paired this with my poncho above. And it fits simple necked shirts perfectly. I'm not a big fan of getting fancy so I always look for simple jewelery. That's how I ended up landing on this necklace, 
it looks so classy.

I can't get enough of knuckle rings. They're my new obsession and when I saw this little fella, I WANTED IT. So here it is, lovely little piece.

There's something about this bracelet, it reminds me of moonchild and galaxy and astrology gives good vibes. I saw it first on eBay but they had run out of stock so I just lost it but god bless born pretty guys, they had it. THIS IS THE BEST PART!! Finally finding the piece you missed.

Hello blogland people. 

As I said above that this bracelet reminds me of moonchild but it has become more special idk it gives me wanderlust vibes too. Now you'd say "But Areeba, it's a moon bracelet..." Yes I know it is but I can't help it thinking of running away to another planet or just go far away, so far that I forget everything I've left behind. And before this gets more dramatic, I should end it here. I LOVE THIS BRACELET IN SHORT.

The jewelery is all pretty and stuff but Born Pretty Store's plus point is that they're SO AFFORDABLE and their shipping was surprisingly quick. I totally recommend you all to try them once. And well if you do, you can use this code ARE10K31 to get 10% off! See y'all!

Do you have any special jewelery or the one that gives you any kinda vibes?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

How to take a compliment

There's this big awful situation I got into just a few hours ago, the thing is that, I was being nice because that's what everyone preaches you when you're the youngest in the room. So a few hours ago, I was being nice. Paying compliment to the wrong who had NO idea how the heck a person take the compliment. And it pissed me off. REALLY PISSED OFF. 
Why it is not simple as A B C. When I am being nice to you without you paying me or my life depending on it, just because you're a fellow human being and you're breathing or just a thought that being nice to anyone might gain me a few points to heaven or simply JUST. BEING. GOOD but when I get an absurd reply, I wanna chop your legs off and throw you to an island full of rats. And still, I wouldn't be satisfied. 
Giving compliments is an art fyi. You just don't throw random good words at someone and dang the job is done. It takes moments for me to think, to choose glorious words, arrange them in the perfect order and then spell them out. And if the reply isn't what a normal reply to a compliment should be, WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO SET THINGS ON FIRE?!??!
This is a very COMMON problem in society and no I'm not blaming government this time. At least the President knows how to take compliments (Wells the other thing is that he RARELY get any for his "Great Government Work") 
The first rule of taking a compliment is that the person who's paying you the compliment isn't:
-Your fan
-Dying to talk to you
-Dying for you to notice him/her
-Dying for you
-Dying at all
Shut up. 
The second thing is that you should be nice to people who are nice to you because that's how a normal human should behave or just remember Karma is a bitch that bites hard.
And the third thing is that BE GRATEFUL YOU LITTLE BAD EGG.

So I'm at this point, ready to say it loud that it's 2015 and we totally should preach that a little Thank You never hurts anyone. All it takes is these 2 words to let me know that my words weren't wasted and someone actually felt good because of me and that's how this whole compliment business should work. 
Thank you dear blog, I feel better.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Inappropriate Audition Songs

I woke up to find #inappropriateauditionsongs trending all over my Tumblr dashboard and seriously this is the best thing of the day. IDEK how this all started, I just saw it going viral. The thing is 
we choose a character for audition a song to sing that relates. And the rest is glorious creativity.  


 When Ariel lost her voice...
 You read the book?
This had to be featured on the blog.

As this is the highlight of the day,  here are some of my OWN I wrote to satisfy myself because I just couldn't stop thinking about this sentiment going on and I like putting the crap going on my mind on internet more than I should.

A tribute to 5 minutes crushes GOd BLess
Peter loves himself more than Kayne does
 Don't you get that exams are near and my head works like this sometimes...
I really really really didn't like her 
And .. this .. made ... me .. cry .. 

FACT: Peter Hale is the definition of trouble.

What would be your Inappropriate Audition Song?