Saturday, 25 April 2015

Errrrrrything about Pout Lip color & the event

Last week I got to attend the launch event of Pout by Sophia Collection. 

PC: Sadiya Azhar
Asma Sultan is the mastermind behind all this. She's an entrepreneur and started from selling other company's make up online to a make up line of her own. 

It was my first ever bloggers meet up. One of the life goals completed. I met people I only saw online, tweeting or blogging. I have always wondered how it's like to see internet people in real life.  It's fun, it really is. Me & Noor were all like Yes I know that girl, I follow her on Twitter etc. It's funny how you say "know" & "friends" for people you see online. But most of the time, online people turn out to be THE BEST PEOPLE of your life .

Me & Noori.

We already were late to the event (Thanks to Noor) 
At first, it was awkward. But then, it all felt normal like I KNOW these people and we talked and ate and then we got to see the glorious little project of Asma. The Pout lipcolor. Asma told how she started and the struggle and work. I love the way she made her way to the work she loves doing most. She truly is an entrepreneur. 

Sarah was the first person I started talking to. She was the loveliest! And then was Fizzah ( I regret not taking a selfie with her)  

Me & Rida.

I wish I could meet all of these wonderful people again. 

Now to the product. We all got to get a lipcolor to review. Mine was a pale shade of pink.
Pout lipcolors are mainly designed for Pakistani  skin tone and atmosphere. So it's a win win. 

It's creamy and smooth. It's just like coloring your lips with a crayon. I'd definitely recommend to get one for yourself!

 Check out Sophia Collection for Pout & other make up products you need! 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Useless Updates #8

Welcome to Useless Updates. It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around sensible ideas much so I just my useless life updates on blog because putting your life on internet is a way of living.

-I JUST SURVIVED MY COLLEGE PRELIM EXAMS ALIVE. They're finally done. Finals from next week. My feelings are numb.

-How I did my Logic's exam

I swear I can feel you people thinking "But Areeba, exams posts are so boring..." but honestly, if I won't blog about it, it'll explode inside me and i don't want any exams poison inside me. I wrote all Logic's definition & formulas & rules on my wall so that I will NEVER forget anything. This works hella great. My book are staring at me, pages are singing me lullabies, I'm staring at walls, writing something that isn't related to exam. Logic's paper went nice. Nice is a nice word. 

-How I did my Persian's exam

These are some important points from Iqbal's poetry. He was a gem fyi.

I did Persian's exam today, studied all night (I mean ALL NIGHT here) Persian is good because it's almost like Urdu so it doesn't bother me much at times. I just want a good Persian accent. Inshort, Persian's paper was a success, even though I wrote a thing or two wrong but the rest was ooh-lala-fine.

-I'm going to delete some old friends from Facebook + my life today. Wish me luck, some people are better off your life. Even thought it made me feel like a terrible person few days ago but move on move on move on is a magical phrase. So MOVE ON from people you don't want around, life is too short to live with annoying piece of  craps.

-I might attend a bloggers meet up this Wednesday. THIS IS LIFE GOAL, meeting other bloggers in real and see them how they look out of screen and how they make their hair and how they sound like. It's going to be hella fun if I'm able to make it. Because when exams are around, I'm mostly NOT permitted to go out and be a social butterfly.

-29 April is the FINAL date of FINAL EXAMS. People, remember me in all of your prayers because I'm going to need them in dozens. I was thinking of taking a blogging break just like Noor did but I will keep up with blogging because I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE BLOGLAND THIS TIME, last time I took a break it went terrible. I lost connection with bloggers and blogland and I swear it was one of the most terrible feeling I've come across. Being a blogger means being ME, this blogland has given me much more than I expect. It gave me ME, it gave me the Areeba I am proud of. Oh enough sentiment.

-I have to catch up with Dayar e Dil, I'm missing out on 2 episodes and I feel horrible thinking of skipping two weeks without watching my favorite drama. Exams are cruel tbh. 

-I saw Lucy this weekend. GOSH IT IS SO FRIGGING AWESOME. It just blew my mind away. I will write a movie review on blog soon. Scarlet Johnson was the queen. 

That's all from this week. What are YOUR useless updates from life?

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Useless Updates

Friday, 17 April 2015

Houses of Karachi - Enchanted

The weather here in Karachi is so rude right now that it might hurt someone. Sun is the brightest that the sunshine are no less than laser lights that destroy cities and the wind is hot as if coming out of a hair dryer. And I went out to take some photographs of a house I spotted days ago in my area. It was covered in plants and I thought, I'M GONNA BLOG ABOUT IT!

Firstly, I have no idea who owns this house but it looks great. So dear person who owns this house, if you're reading this you have done a great job. It looks enchanted. And blogable.

Out in the middle of the summer's hot point with a camera is my kind of wandering. But I really don't do it much, at least in Karachi. Whenever I am out of Karachi, in Thatta, I'm always out with camera or ipod to take pictures of bushes and roads and kids for no reason. It's a way of living this life haha. 

So back to this house, it's maroon coloured, lots of plants and it looks beautiful.

Found this at the back of another house. 

When I saw this, it reminded me of a poem by Farhat Abbas Shah, mainly because of my MOST favorite lines:

ہمیں جنگل جنگل بهٹکا دو،
ہمیں سولی سولی لٹکا دو.

*These lines means that a person wants to be lost in a forest by her lover and she wants to be hung by her lover. 

The whole poem Mera sham salona shah piya is one of the best poem I've ever come across. Better poetry than in my Urdu text book. Why textbooks always have to be so hard on us? They could be friendly.

And then this is the house located on the back of my home sweet home. People say it's haunted. Maybe because nobody has lived here for years. Dudes, I live in front of a haunted house and the ghosts are so nice that they never showed up at our door. I hope they never.

Till next time.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Useless Updates #7

Welcome to th week of Useless Updates. It's the time of the week when my head doesn't function well enough to create glorious posts so instead I just put my life on internet. Here we go!

-I am so very guilty of not posting useless updates last week. I was in Thatta and the worst thing about that city is that THEIR INTERNET SUCKS [THE LETTERS IN CAPS DEFINE IT ALL]

-I have a prelim exam this Wednesday and I am having mixed feelings about it. Logic is one of my most FAAAVEE subjects in the whole planet and I don't want to let my own self down but on the other, I don't want to study. If only life was easy to live.



Because she tweeted days ago that she spilled glitter all over her floor and that's the best mistake she ever made. And I broke my beautiful galaxy bulb last night and there was glitter on my floor so I realized ERIN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

-Today was last day of college. I don't have any special feelings. Nobody cried. Nobody hugged. Maybe it's normal or maybe there's something wrong with us. I ate a small pizza, my friend gave me fries. We'll stick together all college years.
That's my gracious college.

-Karachi's weather is being so HOT that it might kill someone. We're people here, not chicken to be roasted dear mother nature. Karachi ki garmi, please thori narmi.

-If I die this week, the cause would be sad Urdu poetry. 

That's all from this week. What are YOUR useless updates from life?

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Useless Updates

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Review: Sweet Touch nail polish in Turquoise Deep

I lived my life in turquoise theme last year. Everything that I bought/loved/adored/lusted over was of turquoise/teal colored. I still love this color but my heart is turning towards black and blue more now. But still this shade has a BIG place in my heart and no matter how many colors I have crushes on, turquoise will be my ultimate choice.
This nail polish if from Sweet Touch England. It's one of my most favorite products I own. The most wonderful thing about Sweet Touch nail polishes is that they're so frigging affordable. This one costs 100rs only. And the second thing is that this one doesn't chip easily. The longest time period I've worn it was 3 days and it didn't even chipped a bit. It's smooth and dries easily. Basically I love this nail polish. 

Just a tip for drying nail polishes faster. Dip your finger in a bowl of chilled water when you're done painting your nails. This works like magic because I hate waiting for nail polishes to dry, it hurts my soul.

Here's the final look on my nails. The shade is BEYOUTIFUL!!
You can found Sweet Touch nail polishes in every beauty store nearby, they're available nationwide. I highly recommend it. At least the nail polishes are amazing. I haven't tried their lipsticks yet but I definitely am going to give them a try!

Have you ever tried Sweet Touch nail polishes? What's your favorite nail polish?