Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A fake kind of good bye

Yes. And I hate good byes.
So basically, this is a good bye post. Without going further, let me announce the real thing. I'm taking a break from blogging. If you're wondering, it's my finals are near and this girl needs to study. I wish I could tell you how much I didn't want to write this post. Because I hate good byes. Okay, I ain't crying but I am actually near tears. I'll possibly be back in April. 

The currently story of my life is: 
There are some books, books, more books and more & more books. Because books are good. I need good stuff around me for inspiration. And I am wearing wrinkled clothes. Because I believe in procrastination and this believe is getting stronger & after classes, I have no strength left to iron them. My playlist consists of funny and useless songs, hey they're pretty motivating for a bright study! And a sweet voiced mother. Try studying SO hard and you'll see your mother turning SO GOOD. Mothers never change.

I won't be posting on blog until the 20s of April but a little bit social media (I need to active my Instagram & Twitter) will be good for me. Don't even dare to forget me, it's just about 1 month and it's not a real good bye becaaaaaaaaaaaause I SO DAMN HATE GOOD BYES!! Send me good luck, THIS MUCH GOOD LUCK. The reason is obvious, I suck at Maths.
If the first picture of a doll's hairstyle bothers you, it's Eshaal's doll and her name is Barbie. Girls are typical. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Grab A Friend #38

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Q: If you could travel to any place around globe right now , where and WHY would you go?

Jenn : 
I've had an obsession with the thought of traveling through South America since my Junior Year of College. I took a Latin American Architecture and Art History Course and felt like I was living through all of my professors stories. I would love the idea of being able to backpack through trails in the mountains in Peru, visit fresh markets in Brazil, and soak up the sun on the coast of Argentina. I also have to check out Panama, one of my Grandfather's favorite places and where he lived for years before moving to the United States. I'll just take a sketchbook and trek around documenting all the beautiful things I see and people I meet. 


If it's about right now, I'd love to travel to Turkey. I'm obsessed to a Turkish drama series and I seriously want to meet some of those drama actors and see the places they're showing in the drama seriel.

I would travel to Australia. When I was 19, my brother, his wife and two children moved to Australia. They've not been back to England since and I've not been to visit them! My parents have travelled there 3 times but I've never been able to join them due to money, studies and work. They go for 6 weeks at a time and I could never afford to take that much time out! It's been almost 9 years since they moved, they have has two additional children in Australia that I'm dying to meet! I have 3 older brothers and the one that moved to Oz was the one I was closest to, I would baby sit my niece and nephew and they would stay at our house all the time. Now we only communicate though Facebook and Instagram, with the occasional Facetime chat when I'm at my parents house.

If I could go anywhere RIGHT NOW, I would pick somewhere tropical like Antigua! It seems so relaxing and warm and I'm feeling beach-y. (California has cold beach waters). Plus, I would be spoiled since we are going to Europe in 2 months!!


I'd like to travel to Australia right now because I need a grand vacation on beaches . Also , I'm craving summer so badly. So a quick Aussie holiday would be my fix.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

I hate injections & clinic & the patient

A totally unrelated picture. 
So guys, I didn't die or something. I had typhoid so I said bye bye to internet (except of Twitter, sometimes) and concentrate on being ill. I'm good. I must share how things went bad when I was feeling bad.
But I was tired of lying on bed, eating the same tasteless (aka healthy) stuff. Me & healthy stuff aren't friends. And one evening, I went to see the doctor. Clinics make me feel sick even when I'm totally fine so it wasn't any win win to go there. The doctor was good, he gave me two chocolates.
Reason 1: He thought I was 6 years old.
Reason 2: He thought I needed food because of my worst dressing condition. 
Reason 3: I was complaining again & again so he thought it would shut my mouth.

And then, the bad news came out. I had typhoid this means he was going to inject some medicine in me. If you know me, I HATE INJECTIONS! I really hate injections. When I was a little girl, my mom would try to terrify me with all of the doctor-aunts & doctor-uncles that I had because they had "injections" and poor me always believed that they carry injections in their bags or pockets. That's how I started to hate doctors. But not all of them are bad. I once told my mum that I hate doctors, she was so calm and told me that they don't love me back too #Reality

I was being injected by a nurse. I was shouting like peeps do in horror movies. Okay I don't care how did I look at that moment but all I cared was about me and my hand. It hurts, you know. So after shouting, he gave me a frightened look and he left. And then I left clinic like a boss.

Now you know I hate injections & clinic. Coming to the patient, I really hated myself. And if you could see me as a patient, you'd have hated me too. I didn't comb my hair, didn't change and all I did was lying down and telling everyone how bad I'm feeling. God bless my family for bearing with me because I talk a lot when I'm ill. When I was a little better, I felt good spending my time on some of the ebooks I collected. Some of them were so sad that I cried a lot under my blanket. I read "The fault in our stars" again. I love one sentence that Hazel said: "Congratulations, you're a woman. Now die. I kept repeating this one. I don't know whether to laugh on this or just keep silent. John Green is awesomeness! 

I'm completely good now. Noor is good now. Girls coming back to blogging! If I haven't replied to your email or didn't tweet you back, you can cuss my typhoid! 

I hope all of my readers are fine! :)
Today I'm glad to show off one of my really good blog friend Rae. She's so sweet and brave! Her blog is Be A Warrior Queen & she runs an Etsy shop that has so many cool t-shirts & jewellery!

Hi! My name is Raewyn and I blog over at Be a Warrior Queen! My blog is one part lifestyle-be-positive and one part changing the world with the Warrior Queen movement. My goal is to empower us ladies to be confident and love ourselves! I've always been described as quirky and I love it! I mean with a name like mine, how can you be boring? Not me, never!

Monday, 17 February 2014

That's how I (actually not) celebrated my Valentine's Day

So we just survived the 14 February. Sorry, I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. I was surprised to see that 14 February was on Friday! Means procrastination would rule! And I've had three plans that eventually worked at the last moment! 
1) Wear black. Just to embrace my individuality around.
2) Eat pizza!
3) Get some Pepsi!
5) And do my favourite thing.
Post piaciuti | Tumblr

My plans weren't impressive to most of the peeps I know. You know, imagine me dressing up an old black suit with a pizza and something black in a half broken glass on my couch. While we were joking about Valentine's Day in lunch time, I tried to buy my friend a chocolate but the canteen guys had run out of chocolates. The reason is obvious. I couldn't complain. Chocolate wrappers vomited all over dustbins. I thought of buying her some choco bunties too, but aar again not impressive idea!

Wearing black. Done!
Alright. Wearing black was purely my idea. Get it right, it wasn't supposed to boycott the love birds but just to show that I'm outta V Day business. Too much red around, get the different look girl! And as I was trying to keep it classy, black was the best choice. 

 Pizza! Got one on the last minutes.

It was around 11:00 pm on 14th Feb then I saw a light. Light of hope of getting pizza! That was the best sight I've ever seen in ages! Someone was bringing pizza in. And I thought I had to celebrate Valentine's Day without pizza. But the pizza came in like a wrecking ball!

Pepsi! I needed nothing more.

On the last moment, I got a sip of this magical thing I simply love. Pepsi & I are bestie for life! I remember I've been drinking this since I was 3 or 4. So our relationship is old. I knew it's the last hit of the day. 

And I slept almost all day until some guests showed up. Of course they weren't there to wish us Valentine's Day wishes. Simply that's how it went. Fun yet classy! And then I celebrated Bloglantine, who cares for Valentine's when you've got a blog!

How did you celebrate your Valentine's Day?
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Stephanie | Cat Lady Runs

"Cat lady blogger extraordinaire who runs what most people consider to be ridiculously long distances."
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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Be my Bloglantine

 Happy Bloglantine everyone! Me & Noor are celebrating Bloglantine on 15 February!
Bloglantine Day

I celebrated my Blogoversary a while ago.When I cut a cupcake and tried to share it with everyone around me, my uncle asked me what's up. I told him it's my blog's anniversary. He asked me if I'm joking. But then I told him my story, my blog-life-story. As it's Bloglantine, I'll be sharing my love for my blog.

I started a blog. I started writing. I started doing something fun on web. It all was fun. Just "fun", until it got serious. Serious doesn't mean something else except of that I started getting into it deeply. I started to give hours to my blog. Designing and writing better. Once I spent 11 hours on my blog, then I knew what does blogging and my blog matters to me. Because I skipped my classes, stayed home and did what my blog wanted me to do. All of the words, pictures and everything on my blog is written/designed with love & attention. I gave it everything. Because it's not just a blog, it's something else for me. 

I do Blog Twitter chats. Most of them aren't of my own time zone. Some of them even make me to stay until 1 am or 3 am to tweet-taat with my bloggy gals. Sometimes peeps ask if I ever sleep (Loud laugh) Yes I do but I make sure to check my emails and tweets before I go to pee in morning or brush my teeth before going bed. Or catch me tweeting/commenting on my fav-o blogs/tweeting again inside my comforter before I fall asleep. 

Our love grew more when my blog started to give me its love back. First thing, it gave me friends. Those friend who're just like me. Totally strangers but know my daily life problems, big shit issues, I told them how much I suck at this & that matters. We've never met but we found a relationship. Heemz & I, we're bloggy cousins because I call her mum Aunt. Then comes food obsession that I share with the ladies I found through blogging. Brittany, Heemz & Rubi are my pizza party ladies. We aren't just obsessed, we're MORE THAN obsessed with those cheesy slices. There's Natalie, who's my penpal, my bloggy triplet and a sweet friend. And I got a big Canadian sis who gives BEST advices, Haley it's you! Once I was near failing my Maths exam's Trigonometry section, Vanee showed her Maths skills and saved the day!

Second thing, I've never imagined myself getting paid sometimes for doing what I really love. This means moolah and freebies. I get money from blog and I spend it doing sponsorship on other blogs. Keeping the love coming and going. And when I get an email from a company to help them doing their promotion/review, I do a happy happy dance! Who doesn't love mail?

Plus, I'm famous for shameless promotions of my blog. I can bear peeps side eyes. But hey! It's about my blog, never give a damn to those side eyes.I'm overly attached (Or obsessed if this word works here) with this online bloggy sparkly space. I don't find it bad. If I love something, I'm going to express it. So if you're madly in love with your blog, don't stop doing this. Having a blog was the best decision of my life, I mean it! My family + IRL friends read this blog. I love how they appreciate it. Thanks guys! Thanks for being a reader, for everything! I'm being emotional today as 14 February sucks but 15 February doesn't suck because it's Bloglantine. I'll try my best to celebrate this every year for my blog.  

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